Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Gary Gygax Day 2020: Challenge Week II Coming Together

The Bear's Maw
I had actually forgotten that Gygax Day would fall within the first couple of weeks here, and it made me smile, a lot, to realize that I was doing this during this sacred geek holiday.

Dundjinni is a slog sometimes - especially on a computer from the 2003-2004 era. But, again, I am not unhappy with the progress. I hope to have this labelled by tomorrow, and be properly on 'schedule' - and the ideas are definitely leaping to mind.

I can't believe how meditative this is, honestly - I've drawn many maps, but this one is catching my interest more - probably because I have to take my time, saving often. The currently offline G5 PowerMac would have torn through a lot of this, but my G4 has to think about it a bit longer. So do I.

I can't wait to get into the dungeon delve part, it's just a matter of which idea I'm going to plunge into first. I've had a lot of ideas but nowhere to put them (because my cats love physical maps with pen and paper - a lot... and they were always too big anyways).

When the hexes get put down they are likely to 6 mile hexes - this is the runoff of a mountain chain to the ocean. I wanted it rugged and wild, because that is sort of the setting - isolated civilization with copious terrain that is under explored. And savage. With remnants of refugees who came before.

In the name of the Silver Goddess, even the tame shall be wild when the stars are right. Nothing shall quell the storm of time. Ia! Ia!

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